Hi, big thank you guys for visiting my blog, it means so much to me knowing that all of you taking an interest in what I've already posted. I love to share everything, especially my interest in writing. But strangely I haven’t created a single writing yet! Ultimately here I post lyric and chord of Indonesian christian songs. It’s quite a coincidence that I also like christian hymns and worship songs. I also love playing music, especially acoustic guitar and keyboard, and love singing too. - Oh well, there’s one thing that keep me motivated to write and share, not merely a hobby, but I know there’s a strength and joy in praising Lord through songs, praising His greatness, His goodness, and all He has already done for us. Therefore I hope that all youths nowadays could be enthusiastic to take time for praising Lord, improving talents, and glorifying God.
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  1. sangat memberkati,,,
    terima kasih :)
    God bless

  2. Aku suka ini.
    Semoga semakin baik dalam melayani Tuhan.

  3. Balasan
    1. Hi Vee Lea :)
      salam dari Indonesia...
      Gbu :)

  4. thanks untuk postingan nya,, sangat membantu saya.. :)
    salam kenal buat kamu
    God Bless

  5. Saya suka blog ini :) isinya, tampilannya :) good (y) Tuhan Yesus Memberkati

  6. Ajarin dong bikin blognya hehehehe keren nih blog
    simple dan mengandung Rohani aku suka

  7. waww,, thank you so much :)
    lagu lagunya bagus dan kuncinya lebih mudah..
    blognya juga baguss
    pokoknya good dah
    Tuhan memberkati !

  8. Thank you friends for your feedback..
    God bless us :D

  9. Thank you banget untuk blog nya sangat membantu utk membuat wl plan saya

  10. Thank You bro...


  11. Cocok untuk pemula dan membawa berkat..
    Lanjutkan bro!


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